How much does the berth in Croatian marinas cost?

Are the prices in Croatian marinas really to high and what amenities marinas offer for that price?

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There are many different opinions about the prices of berths in Croatian marinas and other related costs. Many are of the opinion that marinas in Croatia are somewhat expensive compared to other countries. We are here to disabuse you of this fact and explain.

Marinas are a world apart

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There are about 60 marinas on the Croatian coast with a total capacity of over 16,000 berths. It is also rightly considered one of the best sailing destinations in Europe. Modern marinas in Croatia offer not only berths, water and electricity, but also many other facilities. Besides the main information office and reception, there is a wide range of restaurants, cafes and even luxury accommodation such as hotels, apartments and pools. In addition to being able to book your berth online, some Croatian marinas also offer the option to book through their app. They also have a downloadable digital magazine that will keep you up to date with all the latest news at their marina. Marinas usually offer various benefits for loyal customers, such as low prices for loyal users of their services. Marinas are first and foremost there to provide you with a comprehensive service and to make your stay as relaxed and uncomplicated as possible.

Great marinas and their novelty content

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The largest chain of marinas in Croatia is the Adriatic Croatia International Club, known as ACI Marinas. Its 22 marinas on the coastal region and islands of the Croatian Adriatic are mainly located in or near city centres. Their location makes them ideal for spending time on the mainland, dining out, sightseeing or shopping for supplies for your onward route. These marinas offer plenty of content and almost everything you could want, so you practically do not have to leave port. ACI marinas follow the trends, and in their facilities you will find gourmet restaurants, wellness, pools, and vehicle rental services. In addition to the main amenities, you’ll also find novelties like smart banks for smartphones and luxury accommodations for rent. ACI does not have a single price list, as prices depend on a variety of factors, including location, season and ship length. The most popular marinas like Split, Dubrovnik or Palmižana also have the higher prices in high season. But this is the common practise in all marinas in the world. For example, the daily berth in ACI Split for a 10-12m (32-38ft) sailing yacht costs up to 115 EUR, and in ACI Rab up to 80 EUR. You can download the exact price list from the ACI marinas’ websites.

Private marinas with unique services

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The largest private marina in Croatia is Marina Punat on the island of Krk in the Kvarner region. It has 900 berths in the sea and about 500 dry docks, as well as parking for over 700 vehicles. In addition to the standard amenities of most marinas, such as exchange offices, ATMs, sanitary facilities, shops and restaurants, Marina Punat offers accommodation in a luxurious four-star hotel. As part of its maintenance, Marina Punat also offers a unique service where the marina crew keeps records of the vessel and sends the owners a weekly report with pictures. This way, through the user profile on the website, you have an insight into the maintenance and all activities concerning your vessel. As a proud Blue Flag holder, the marina is often referred to as the best in the region and offers special benefits for club card holders. Rewarding loyalty is a common practise at marinas where you will receive special pricing or discounts. The price of a transit berth is about 70 EUR per day for a boat of 10-12 m in length. But there are also discounts for longer periods. You can find a detailed price list on the website of Marina Punat. In comparison, Admiral marina in Opatija, which has 160 berths and does not offer as much as the larger marina, has similar prices for daily berths. In this case, smaller does not mean cheaper.


The ideal starting point for your route

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The private marinas in the central Adriatic are in a perfect geographical position, no matter which direction you want to sail, north or south. The largest marina in the central Adriatic is D-Marin in Sukošan near Zadar. With its capacity of 1200 berths and 300 dry docks, it can accommodate superyachts up to 70m in length. Besides the modern infrastructure, you can also enjoy excellent restaurants, beach bars and other facilities. Daily rental prices go up to 80 EUR for vessels of 10-12 m in length, and special offers are often available. In comparison, Marina Hramina on the island of Murter has 370 berths and 120 dry docks, a hotel and other standard facilities. Prices in high season for a boat of 10 to 12 m length range from 60 to 80 EUR. The bottom line is that the prices are similar, but a more extensive marina offers more content and proximity to the big city.


Marina in the heart of the city

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There may not be as many marinas in the southern Adriatic as in other areas, but they are still just as well equipped as others. A berth in Marina Kaštela near Split, with a capacity of 420 berths and about 200 dry docks, is offered in high season at prices of about 80 EUR. Among other facilities, the marina also has a heated indoor pool and a charging station for electric vehicles. ACI Marina Split offers fewer berths, around 320 in total and 30 dry docks, but prices range from 90-115 EUR for vessels of 10-12m. A slightly higher price for a marina with fewer berths, but ACI Split is right at the entrance to Split harbour, so the cost here is offset by the location.


Realistic price to offer ratio

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We can say that prices in Croatian marinas are fully justified. A higher price usually means a better location with a lot of additional content, though not necessarily a large marina. Some marinas have additional security measures, cameras and take better care of monitoring and regular maintenance of the vessels entrusted to them. The additional cost will also depend on the period in which you spend your holiday, as Croatian marinas, like many others, usually operate with seasonal fees. Different prices for different periods of the year are pretty normal. The sailing season in Croatia is not limited to the summer months, as favourable weather conditions allow sailors and tourists alike to enjoy the early and late seasons.

All in all, you have a free choice depending on your sailing needs and desires. Factoring in all the extra costs like gasoline and fueling your boat with electricity and water will increase your price, so make sure you have a detailed sailing plan. If you are not that interested in planning, but just want to have a great time on the Croatian coast, you can leave the planning to us. So, in summary, we can say that the price/quality ratio in Croatian marinas is quite realistic.


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