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One quarter of a complete world’s charter fleet is located right here on Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea. Because of its favorable weather conditions, crystal clear sea, intended coast and good winds – Croatia has become a real nautical superpower. Rental of a sailing yacht, motor boat or catamaran offers numerous options. No matter if you sail along Istria and Kvarner region or central and southern Dalmatia, you will definitely enjoy. When it comes to charter rental, you have a plenty of possibilities. You can rent a boat without crew if you have a skipper’s license and enough navigational experience. That’s the real enjoyment of complete privacy, being creative in route planning, choosing the right anchorage and marina. If you simply want to be carefree and chill out, or you have less experience or none of it, you can rent a boat with skipper or even with the complete crew. So, just take a glass of local vine and enjoy the beauties of Adriatic coast scenery. My Yacht Zone offers a great number of starting marinas,it’s up to you which one to choose. There is no better way to discover Croatian coast and islands feel the freedom, connection with nature and grab the opportunity to explore unknown behind the horizon.

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