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Sailing Tours and Excursions in Central Dalmatia

New Concept of holiday that is a unique travel experience, including sailing and land discovering, all in one package.

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Central Dalmatia is, with no doubt, the area of Adriatic coast with the biggest number of islands, hidden bays and natural beauties. In case you’re kind of person interested in something more specific, such as gastronomy, active vacation or perhaps romance, tailor made tour would be a perfect option for you. The natural beauties of Kornati and Krka, guided Split sightseeing, visit to the Cathedral of St. James, dinner in the small local tavern – all of that was carefully planned for your tour. In case you’re interested in sailing or in the history of our mediterranean cities, My Yacht Zone also offers guided tours of old city centers. But, you’re only feeling up to swimming and tanning? No problem, our skippers know all the hidden bays along the coast of Central Dalmatia. It’s up to you to pick the tour you want and let us take You on a vacation to collect some memories. Our worry is schedule and organization, yours is just to chill out.

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