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To sail in a relaxed manner all along South Dalmatia while someone else takes care about your schedule? YES! Leaned back cozily on the deck of your charter in the Southern Dalmatia you can enjoy both, all the natural beauties and historical monuments. The walls of Dubrovnik were spectacular even before, but now as filming of The Game of Thrones series took place there; the walls gained another incredible value. Not only it’ll leave you breathless while sailing in the area of Dubrovnik, but also your chosen tour can guarantee you guided sightseeing all over the walls. If you are a true nature lover, we’ll take you to arboretum Trsteno, a protected garden monument, that is located in the small, same named, mediterranean place. In that Southern Dalmatia part, you can also find the youngest Nature Park, the Lastovo islands. The title of Nature Park, Lastovo carries proudly from the 2006., and it was given the title because of its woods, fields, steep coast and numerous land and underwater caves. The cave, the Modra špilja (the Blue Cave) that is the famous one, you’ll find in the schedule of tour that’ll lead you to Vis, or more concrete – island of Biševo. The most incredible blue color that is created by the passage of sun rays through underwater gate will leave you completely breathless. Pick your tour and enjoy Southern Dalmatia.

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