Hidden Adriatic Treasures


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Central Dalmatia

Route Highlight

Zlarin – The island of Zlarin is an ideal place to relax and escape from the city crowds. It is even easier to believe it as the island was banned from traffic by cars, making it an oasis of peace and a perfect destination for long walks and cycling. Despite the exquisite food and vine, breathtaking beaches and nature, what Zlarin really makes specific is the fact that it is a coral island. From the ancient times these corals are believed to have magic powers, so don’t miss the chance to make a stop by while sailing and at least visit Zlarin Coral Museum with a coral shop where you can buy coral jewelry, but also see the whole process of making them. So, definitely set some time apart and in mid-August, sail through Zlarin and be a part of the manifestation that is held as a reminder of the Coral tradition of 600 years!


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