North Adriatic Sailing Route

Sailing Region

North Dalmatia

Route Highlight

You do not need a special formula for a magical holiday. It is enough to make the final decision and set sail from Sukošan towards the Croatian islands with a fresh start.

Sailing northwest, along the islands of Ugljan, Rivanj and Sestrunj, the first port of call should be Božava, the most developed tourist resort on the island of Dugi Otok.

After that, Silba is ideal for those who are looking for a quiet holiday away from noise, hustle and bustle and everyday stress. This place will surely creep into your heart, as it is a charming and exceptional place that hides some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.

The northernmost place on our route is Mali Lošinj, the main centre of the island of Lošinj. This destination is unavoidable for those striving to spend a holiday in peace and quiet, surrounded by an authentic coastal ambience.

During your sailing holiday, do not miss a visit to the island of Molat, which left even the English king Edward VIII breathless.

The most famous attraction of the island of Dugi Otok is undoubtedly the Veli Rat lighthouse, which dates back to distant 1849. According to oral tradition, this tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic coast is most famous for its impressive yellow facade, made of 100,000 egg yolks.

The last, but no less important stop on this route is Brbinj, an ideal destination for sailors to find a safe anchorage and relax in the beautiful tranquillity of the Adriatic.


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