Zadar Archipelago Sailing Route – 7 Days

Sailing Region

Central Dalmatia

Route Highlight

After afternoon check-in, sail from the largest Croatian marina, D-Marin Dalmacija, in Sukošan and begin your holiday with a visit to Zadar, just 5 NM further north.

From Zadar, a city with an extraordinary history and rich cultural heritage, a city of tourism and a city of the most beautiful sunsets, as Alfred Joseph Hitchcock said, sail north to the island of Molat. This is the perfect opportunity to escape the noise and crowds of the city. Moreover, sailors will find perfect shelter from all winds in Zapuntel harbour. Upon your arrival, you will notice the underwater cliffs between Molat and the nearby island of Ist, especially a cliff with a very illustrative name – Skrivalica (meaning “the one that hides”). Once you settle down, you will notice that you are surrounded by an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere.

And while you are there, visit the nearby islands of Silba, Olib and Škarda and enjoy the untouched nature without car noise.

Also, do not miss out on a little piece of paradise on Dugi otok, often referred to as the “Croatian Hawaii” – the beach of Saharun or Sakarun, whichever you prefer. Sakarun offers you the perfect opportunity to drop anchor and relax in mesmerizing white sand, clear sea and the shade of pine trees.

Two last destinations after returning to the marina of Sukošan, rich in beautiful and untouched nature – the island of Rava and the port of Muline on the island of Ugljan. With only 117 inhabitants and a very indented coast (13 bays over a length of 15.45 km/9.6 mi of coastline), Rava is a nautical haven, as there are no crowds in the bays and on land.

Port Muline is known for its beautiful beaches, groomed trails and moorings, making it a very common choice for boaters.


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