Zadar Archipelago Sailing Route – 7 Days


Sailing Region

Central Dalmatia

Route Highlight

Don’t leave out, a little part of paradise, located on Dugi otok, often referred to as ’Croatian Hawaii’- the beach of Saharun or Sakarun, as you prefer. Sakarun gives you a perfect opportunity to anchor and relax in mesmerizing white sand, clear sea and shadow of pine trees. But, what is vacation without a whiff of history? Don’t miss a chance to visit one of the caves or historical remains located on Dugi otok. Cave Vlakno dates back to 11 000 years b.c. Apart from the fact that there was much evidence about the existence of a cave man, the bones of a cave man were also found. Since there are not many pre-historical human remains on the Croatian islands, this cave is specific and the man was named “The Oldest Dalmatian.”


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