First time sailing

First time sailing – what you need to know before you go

You have decided to spend your next vacation on sailing and already have some idea of what you could expect.

Sun, sea, sunset, a glass of wine and good company … Yes, the picture is good, romantic, but before you start packing a bags here are a few things you should know.

First of all be aware that this is a cruise, not a one-day trip with sailing.

So, the next 7 or more days the vessel will be your home. Be aware that there is the potential for seasickness and be aware of coexistence in a small space with people with whom you might not always be able to agree.

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Tip: take medications that can relieve the symptoms of seasickness and learn techniques that will prevent the same. Also think carefully with whom you go on vacation.

All luggage taken on board must be properly put together and stored in the belonging quarters. Luggage should be smaller in size and soft because all the storage on board are an irregular shape and small in size so that you do not have problems storing hard suitcases on wheels.

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Items in the salon should not be left everywhere because they are potentially dangerous, on deck and cockpit also. Each commitment, even the most simple one, must be done conscientiously and on time because it is in the interest of all on board.

On board, there is no boss and subordinates, only skipper and crew who paid to enjoy.

Don’t forget  to bring:

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  • sunglasses,
  • high factor sun cream,
  • some rain suits,
  • rubber boots,
  • a hat,
  • a scarf,
  • and thin and thick clothes,
  • shoes that will dry quickly,
  • a sleeping bag or bedding,
  • maybe a pillow,
  • thicker pyjamas,
  • folding knife,
  • battery,
  • personal medication,
  • patches,
  • a specific food you are used to,
  • chargers for electric device and
  • camera.

You must be prepared to maximum tolerance and respect of colleagues in the crew, fair distribution of obligations and rights – without exception, the possibility that the interests and wishes of all other  crew members are totally different from yours (talk about it before departure), the need to say what we do not like or what bothers us, reduced conditions of hygiene or personal cleanliness is a requirement, there is no smoking in the boat and maybe not out too…

You should save water and electricity. 

Seawater should be used wherever it can, for washing, rinsing, and even cooking potatoes in a shell, if there is such a crisis with fresh water (and of course, if the sea is clear).

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When the engine is off and when the ship is not connected to the electric cabinet in the marina, current flows from the battery. This applies to ships that do not have the power generator. So, if we depend on the stream of boat batteries, we should be careful with using batteries (put the fridge on maximum power, not to open fridge every 2 minutes, keep all the lights on) and they will last much longer.

Finally, do not forget, the ship is a small space that is at all times available to everyone from the crew and therefore is an extremely important behaviour of people.

The key is: we’re going on a cruise to rest, have fun, enjoy.

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The landscape can be beautiful, sea fantastic, the weather could not be better, but poor relations can and will ruin it.

Therefore bring a lot of tolerance on board, and goodwill. This is the most necessary equipment for a good time on the cruise on a small sailboat, a large luxury yacht or mega-cruiser.

Are you someone who has always wanted to sail? Looking for more advice? Contact us, we will help!


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