ACI Korčula

Marina location

Korčula, island Korčula

Marina Telephone

020 711 661

Marina Address

Korčula, island Korčula

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Korčula, island Korčula

Marina Description

ACI Korčula is very popular during the summer, owing to the beauty of the city. When you moor here, you are only a step away from all summer events. Korčula is a town and harbour in the north-eastern part of its namesake island. The harbour is divided into an eastern and a western section, with ACI’s marina located in the eastern section.The safest approach from the south is by rounding the Sestrice (Fl (4) W 15s 18m 11M) and Stupe Velike (Fl (Obscd) R 3s 9m 3M) lighthouses from the north, and then using the green lighthouse in the eastern part of the town harbour (Fl G 3s 7m 2M) as a landmark. During summer storms the western part of the town harbour should be avoided.


Crane, Workshop, Electricity, Water, Parking, Store, Restaurant, Café, Shower, WC, Weather forecast, Laundry room, Wifi



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