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ACI Split is the choice of many sailors because of its fine view of Diocletian’s Palace. It is located in Baluna bay, a legendary place for Split people, and even thoug it is one of the “in” spots in the city, you can often enjoy aa quiet summer night there.When approaching ACI’s marina white rocks can be seen on the wooded peninsula of Sustipan, as can the inside breakwater at the eastern entrance to the marina, marked by a red tower with a column, gallery and light (Fl R 2s 6m 3M). The reception building, restaurants and workshops in the marina are also visible. When approaching the marina and the small ports to the west of it, steer closer to the head of the inside breakwater. As the area of the newly-built western waterfront has not been surveyed hydrographically, berthing there is forbidden, except when approaching the fuel station.


reception with an exchange office and with a shopping point with rich selection of accessories from the ACI collection cashpoint several restaurants with cafe bar ,ice tube / ice maker toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision, launderette grocery store, nautical equipment store charter agencies and boat sales service repair and maintenance shop, sail repair shop, 10 t crane, 45 t slipway, dismasting “needle” fuel station at 100 metres’ distance Wi-Fi internet access



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