Marina Martinis Marchi

Marina location

Maslinica, Island Šolta

Marina Telephone

021 659 093

Marina Address

Maslinica, Island Šolta

Marina email

Maslinica, Island Šolta

Marina Description

The Marina Martinis Marchi / Marina Maslinica is situated on the west side of the island of Solta in Middle Dalmatia and is part of the Martinis Marchi heritage hotels system. The Marina was opened for the season 2012 after expansion and renovation. At the moment Marina is open between early April and late October but an all year-round marina is planned.Marina Maslinica is located in a bay and is therefore well protected. Despite its good location when it comes to Bora and the southeast wind it may cause a wave formation in the port area. The inside dock has 50 berths for yachts up to 30 meters in length. On the outside of the breakwater up to 7 mega yachts can dock. Electricity and water connection is available for all berths. The water depth decreases significantly towards the end of the dock, so boats with deeper draft should, however, be careful.


Electricity Water Garbage Parking Restaurant Café Shower WC Wifi



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