Sailing is for everyone

Transform sailing into your next active holiday

If you are new to this field and have no experience (read our previous blog), the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions sailing is that it is dangerous, too adventurous, uncomfortable and expensive.

None of these describes a sailing holiday.

A holiday on a rented sailboat is far from these stereotypes. Sailing in Croatia offers you the best and richest experience. The Adriatic coast is a rugged coastline with favourable winds, specially developed infrastructure for all the needs of modern sailors and additional facilities that will fill your holiday.

Before you finally discard the idea of sailing as an active holiday, here are a few reasons that will confuse your prejudices.


1. Everyone, absolutely everyone, can sail. 

There are very few limitations, mainly health reasons, that preclude sailing. All others, such as seasickness or rather the fear of seasickness, are not reasons to refuse to sail. From the little baby who literally enjoys the rocking of the boat, to the elderly who still feel young enough to spend an active holiday.


2. It is not necessary to know how to sail for a sailing holiday.

It would be great if someone in the crew knew at least some of the basics, but it is not necessary.

Officially, what you need to rent a sailboat is a skipper’s license, but that licence, as the paper, is not a guarantee that you will be able to manage the sailboat.

If you have no experience with sailing, you can always hire a skipper. Every charter company will provide you with an experienced skipper with whom you will feel safe and can gain specific skills if you want.


3. Sailing is not expensive.

Dolphin Play Sailing Experience Dream Sailboat Croatia Kornati Yacht

Compared to hotel and apartment accommodations, sailing is not that expensive, but the experience you get is more rewarding. Prices for sailing boats in Croatia vary depending on the season.

Commonly, prices are more affordable in the low season (April – June) and shoulder season (September – November) than in the high season (July – August), but this is no different for other accommodation types. The main difference is that, with a boat, you will visit more places and experience something that would never be possible on land, such as the morning sunrise and the play of dolphins in the Kornati islands.


4. Sailing with small children is not a problem.

In fact, children enjoy these trips most of all. They are relaxed, explorative, enjoy all the activities on the boat and responsibly take on all the skipper’s tasks.

In this way, the children see themselves as important member of the crew and try to fulfil all the tasks.

The best thing you can offer your children is this kind of active holiday, where they will learn much more than if you were on dry land.


5. Today’s sailboats offer comfort that some do not even have at home.

The sailboats that you can rent in Croatia are equipped with equipment and accessories designed to meet all the needs and abilities of the crew.

Almost all the boats you can rent are equipped with standard equipment that includes all the necessary devices for navigation, safety equipment, and finally the equipment that will allow you to enjoy nature and activities during your holiday.

Check for last-minute deals or find the best sailboat on which you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

If you realise that you would like to spend your next vacation on the boat, we advise you to choose the less demanding route. Zadar and Šibenik archipelago are ideal destinations for your first experience.

The reasons for this are several. First, these routes offer you enough flexibility, as the length of the daily sailing route is short. The archipelago is not only rich in numerous islands, but also has many villages, ports,  restaurants, beaches, etc.

If you sail in this area only about 10 miles per day (that’s less than 3 hours of sailing in all conditions), you can still reach the famous Kornati islands, which you should not miss – as well as Dugi Otok, Molat, Iž, Žirje, Kaprije, Zlarin.

Skradin Sailing

In general, the islands offer much more than the mainland, and they are indispensable for this type of holiday.

For route planning and selection of the ideal vessel, we are ready to help you and organise a dream holiday just for you.


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