Antares 9

Antares 9 OB Charter from Marina Tankerkomerc in Zadar

Antares 9 OB is docked in Marina Tankerkomerc in the very heart of Zadar. A total of 5 people can be accommodated in 2 cabins, with 1 toilet.

Balt 918 Titanium

Balt 918 Titanium - Wanderer charter from Zadar

Balt 918 Titanium is located in Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar. Three spacious cabins on board can accommodate up to six people. Summer on the Adriatic coast is best enjoyed by chartering ‘Wanderer’.

Bura 6.7 Step

Bura 6.7 Step Zadar rubber Boar Charter

Bura 6.7 Step is registered for 6 persons and located in Marina Tankerkomerc in Zadar. This rubber boat has an Mercury 115 HP engine and can achieve speed up to 26 knots. In the equipment is included a refrigerator. Price per day is 300€.

Swift Trawler 42

Swift Trawler 42 Zadar Charter Yacht

Swift Trawler 42 is located in Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar. ‘Skitnica’ is a very spacious motor yacht which can accommodate up to 6 people in 2 double bed cabins and a salon with 2 additional berths.

Quicksilver 855 Weekend

Quicksilver 855 Weekend charter from Zadar

Quicksilver 855 Weekend is docked in Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar. ‘Luka’ was built in 2018 and provides accommodation for up to 5 people in 2 cabins, with 1 toilet and shower. 350 HP VM Motori engines will ensure you achieve higher speeds, allowing you to reach the destination as quickly as possible, bringing out as much […]

Prestige 46 Fly

Prestige 46 Fly 'Unplugged'

Located in Supetar, on the Brač island, Prestige 46 Fly is available for charter from any marina in Split with skipper included. She is also available for daily charter with skipper included. Contact us for prices for charter per day. Her style and performance make her an ideal yacht to cruise and explore the Adriatic. […]

Sun Loft 47

Sun Loft 47

Sun Loft 47 ‘New Horizonts’ is uniquely designed for sharing time with friends and enjoying time together. There is accommodation for 12 people on board (plus the skipper) in 6 cabins with 4 heads with shower compartments. Featuring multiple living areas and a high level of comfort, the Sun Loft 47 is designed for sharing. […]

Oceanis 51.1

Oceanis 51.1

Oceanis 51.1 ‘Zephyr B’ is located in Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar. She can accommodate up to 13 people in 6 air-conditioned cabins with 4 heads.

Antares 9

Antares 9

With her Airstep hull, the Antares 9 ‘Freeya’ cuts gently through the waves offering a comfortable ride and safe navigation. With U-shaped seats that convert to sunbathing areas, her attractive spacious cockpit (1.53 x 2.40 m) is a great place to relax with friends. Up to 6 people can be accommodated in 2 cabins and […]

Greenline 33

Greenline 33 Fields of gold

Greenline 33 ‘Fields of Gold’ is the best choice for a small group of people. This beautiful yacht of impeccable quality prioritises your well-being onboard first while respecting the sea and best boating traditions. Greenline 33 is all about the environment and efficiency. Experience no noise, no vibrations, no emissions and no disturbance while boating.

Merry Fisher 855

Merry Fisher 855 Dobrila

Designed for comfort, the Merry Fisher 855 combines innovative interior design solutions never before seen on a boat of 8 metres. Adapted for fuel-efficient cruising with an outboard engine, she features 2 independent cabins, wide glass surfaces and surprising ease of movement onboard for enhanced cruising pleasure. “Dobrila” was privetly owned boat till 2021, very […]

Lagoon 46

Lagoon 46

Life is good onboard Lagoon 46. Her impressive performances are designed to add to the pleasures of living at sea. Lagoon 46 can accommodate a crew of up to 12 people.

Antares 10.80 Fly

Antares 10.80

Motor boat Antares 10.80 Fly ‘Matija’ was built in 2008 and she provides accommodation for 6 people in 2 cabins, with 1 toilet and 1 shower.

Vektor 950

Vektor 950 Bava

With two cabins and spacious salon with nice cockpit, your family and friends will enjoy sunny days on beautiful motorboat Vektor 950 ‘Bava’.

Adriana 36

Adriana 36

Adriana 36 is a great and comfortable motorboat for manoeuvring, perfect for a summer cruise along the Croatian coast and islands.

Elan E6

Elan E6 Croatia Zadar Sailboat Unique

First Elan E6 in Croatia is located in Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar. ‘Contessa‘ was built in 2022 and provides accommodation for ten people in 4 cabins, with two toilets and showers. The Elan E6 ‘Contessa’ yacht is a superb choice for your sailing holiday if you are looking to experience the exhilarating performance and premium steering.


Zaramaris 8 days and 7 nights Croatian cruise

Zaramaris is an iron ship built in 2008 in a Croatian shipyard. Hull and topside are made of steel, but guardrail, doors and cabins are made of beautiful wood. This combination of materials is making her the unique ship on our sea. Up to 32 people can be accommodated into 13 spacious cabins – 7 […]

Merry Fisher 795

Merry Fisher 795 Bareboat charter Croatia

Are you looking for a small motor yacht for hopping on many islands during your vacation in Croatia? Well, we think we have found the right one for you! ‘Tena’ is an adaptable, family-friendly motorboat that offers a perfect volume for day trips or coastal tours without neglecting safety and comfort. New Merry Fisher 795 […]

Hanse 505

Hanse 505 ‘Nala’ is ideal stress free distance-making sailing yacht. Its elegant hull with a long waterline, performance-centered sail plan and comfortable, safe cockpit area ensure a new level of joy in sailing. In her 6 cabins can be accommodated up to 12 people.

Hanse 460

Sailing in Croatia

Radically innovative, agile and comfortable. Hanse 460 combines maximum innovation and traditional Hanse values, such as fast cruising and easy sailing – all with a consistently modern sporty look. The result is a yacht that promises pure adrenaline for skippers and an individual stylish home at sea for families. The boat with 5 cabins, electric […]

Greenline 48 Fly

Greenline 48 features all the benefits that Greenline Yachts stand for. Greenline 48 Fly ‘Noah’ is a diesel and solar-powered cruising motorboat. It is ideal for a couple or family looking to cruise longer at a leisurely pace in near silence.

Elan GT 6 Porsche Design

Elan GT 6 Porsche Design

The Elan GT6, with an elegant new design by Porche studio, has a high-performance hull and sail plan to give a unique combination of performance, comfort and style. It is optimized for easy handling and fast, medium-range short-handed sailing, and it’s the right choice for those sailors who look at the aspects of performance that […]